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The Makeup Hoarder!!

Can a girl every have to much makeup in the top bathroom draw (apparently so) check out this image :)

PS - this is not my makeup collection!!!!

Give your makeup a makeover

I encourage all of us... including myself to have a regular clean up and clear out of our makeup draw or makeup bag. We often purchase makeup impulsively which leaves us with a lot of products that we don't use, that are well past their use by date or trend and often products that weren't really the right shade in the first place..

Does this sticky glitter gloss bring me joy?

While Marie Kondo may have us cleaning our homes and creating joy in our environment, it's important that we bring a little joy and TLC to our own makeup collection.

While it may appear daunting... especially if the image above is an accurate image, it really isn't that difficult:

  • Place all items on a table

  • Clean the inside of the draw, bag or case

  • Check use by dates (check the back of your product for a symbol with a number which indicates the product life)

  • Pick out the products you use daily, clean and place in easy access

  • Use clear cosmetic bags/perspex boxes to organise your brushes and makeup

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